Napoli president vows to win the UCLA trophy

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Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis insists further success is trying to win the Champions League for the first time. After the club has just succeeded in taking on the Scudetto for the third time After 33 years of waiting

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has announced that his club are currently missing Europe’s biggest trophy, the UEFA Champions Leagueand will be next goal After the UFABET team had just invaded Udinese 1-1 on Thursday, May 4, the points fell off second place Lazio . along with prominently won the league championship macaroni city came to win successfully in the past 33 years

Napoli president vows to win the UCLA trophy

Azzura only asks for 1 point to get the long-awaited Scudetto for the third time after the 1986-1987 and 1989-1990 seasons, but the game at the Dacia Arena in the first half of Zebra Noi takes the lead first. From the beautiful shot of Sandy Lofrich in the 13th minute, but the visiting team came, Victor Osimhen, a good striker, equalized in the 52nd minute before the end of the game with this score added to 80. Scores from 33 games left 16 points behind the blue and white eagles  , with 5 matches left in the racing program.

Over 50,000 fans were packed into Diego Armando Maradona ‘s home stadium. to watch the game on the big screen and celebrate together at the final whistle. Which after the end of the race they all cheered happily for the long-awaited champion, while De Laurentiis, the team’s big boss Came out to interview about success. During his 19-year tenure, the bankrupt team rose to prominence once again.

“Today is a day of hope that we have been waiting for 33 years. When I arrived, I said it would take 10 years to bring the team into Europe. We did it early, I said in 10 years we will win the Scudetto. And we did that a few years ago, now we have to win again, again and again and of course we still don’t have the Champions League, this is just the beginning for me. And we will start next season with Luciano Spalletti, the team’s coach, “said the 73-year-old president. 

Previously, Napoli had won the UEFA Cup in 1988-1989, while this season’s UEFA Champions League they reached the quarter-finals. But had to stop the route just this round from losing to AC Milan, league rivals with a total score of 1-2, and next season they will return to make excuses in Europe’s biggest cup again. and aiming to win this program for the first time