In what order do you eat food? It can help you lose weight.

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Eating every day is very important to your health. Because food is a source of energy and nutrients necessary for the body to function. But sometimes Especially for people who want to lose weight , they may feel like they are eating very little but why the weight isn’t coming off? Maybe it depends on the order of the food you eat. Try ranking your food intake again. Will help with weight loss. and the metabolism of the body better

In what order do you eat food? It can help you lose weight.

The proper order of eating is as follows.

  1. water

You should start by drinking plain water before eating. Because water helps stimulate digestion. and makes the body absorb nutrients from food better In addition, water also helps to make your stomach feel full.

  1. fruit

You should eat fruit after water. Because fruit is food that is easily digested. And are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that help with bowel movement. In addition, fruits also help make you feel full.

  1. main meal

The main meal should be eaten last. Because this ทางเข้า ufabet type of food is more difficult to digest than fruit and water. If eating the main meal before fruit and water May make your stomach feel full quickly. and not eating enough fruit and water