Reduce your lower abdomen and tighten your belly with these 4 easy-to-follow exercise poses.

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If you want to have a flat stomach, ladies, you can do it with 4 exercises that will not only help reduce the belly and lower belly. But it also comes with helping to tighten the belly and make it fit. If you want to know how to do each exercise pose. Today we have brought you methods and steps for exercising all 4 interesting positions. Let’s just say girls. Prepare to do as follows.

Reduce your lower abdomen and tighten your belly with these 4 easy-to-follow exercise poses.

Position 1

Let’s start with the first pose for the girls. Lie on your back on the floor. Then stretch both arms straight up above your head. With your arm close to your ear. Keep both legs straight. Continue by gradually Lift your arms and legs together, keeping your arms parallel to the floor and your legs on either side. Once you are in the ทางเข้า ufabet position, slowly release it. You should do this position approximately 30 times.

Position 2

Continuing with the second position, start by lying on your back. Place both hands together and extend them straight in front of you. Then gradually Lift both legs up. Continue by twisting your body to the left about 45 degrees and placing your legs down so that your feet do not touch the floor. Followed by raising both legs again. Then change to twisting your body to the right about 45 degrees. Do this alternating left and right about 20 times.

Position 3

As for the third position, girls start by lying down. By doing a curved bridge pose. Then gradually Bend your knees so they’re close to your body. Try to bend your left knee upwards by twisting your body to the right. Then return to the curved bridge position. Then bend your right knee up and twist your body to the left. Do this alternation about 30 times.

Position 4

Now comes the final pose for the girls. Start by placing both legs flat on the floor. With both legs slightly spread apart. Followed by lifting the body up and raising the left hand to touch the right ankle. Next, lie down on the floor and then slowly Lift yourself by touching your right hand to your left ankle. Alternate and do this about 20 times.

In addition, girls can reduce their lower abdomen by exercising in various positions. That helps tighten the belly. There is still a small trick. which is considered important for effective belly reduction Which can be done as follows.

1. Refrain from drinking soda or beverages that are high in sugar.

2. Eat a lot of protein foods.

3. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate food intake.

4. Always eat foods that contain probiotics.

5. Try to avoid food or drinks that contain trans fats.

6. Pay attention to eating foods that are high in fiber.

7. Exercise every day.

8. Get enough sleep.

9. Avoid things that trigger stress.

10. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

How are you with these 4 poses that help reduce the lower abdomen and tighten the belly? Plus a little trick That helps reduce belly fat more effectively as we have brought together today. I hope the girls will like it.