Difficult to find replacements, Klopp rejects Keita’s chance to join another team

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp won’t allow Naby Keita to be unhappy. Leaving the team during this round of football markets Lean is not in the plan. Plus the UFABET team doesn’t buy new players already. Therefore, there is no representative if released.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Guinea midfielder. Naby Keita will not be allowed to leave the club during this transfer window as the Reds have closed the transfer window. Causing no new players to replace them. Even the real market will be closed on September 1

Difficult to find replacements, Klopp rejects Keita's chance to join another team

Two days ago, Florian Plettenberg Sky Germany correspondents have reported that the 27-year-old midfielder is unhappy at Anfield and wants to leave the club. That comes from sources who are close to the player’s agent Bjorn Besemer. With his former Bundesliga team RB Leipzig interested in pulling back . join the army again

At the same time, it is reported that if he does not have a real name in the red game To break the visit to Manchester United on Monday, it will decide to move out of the team immediately, however, the latest German boss. came out to talk about this issue There is no chance that will happen to Keita, even if other teams offer large sums of money.

“Sell Naby now? and not replace him ? No, that’s not possible! Of course no, it’s not in the plan. we are done (in the market) Not thinking that the player can go and we have no one to replace him, no chance, no, Naby won’t go, but if he will go, he won’t! Then there has to be a change of course, it’s clear and it would be very difficult to find someone to replace him,” said the Reds boss . 

Despite a string of injuries to the player, Klopp revealed no new signings will be available before the window closes as he waits for the right targets. Not just any goals, because he already has people who need them. When the injured player returns, he will be 100 per cent fit. He was always looking to strengthen. But only the right players.