Tuchel declined to credit Leeds but blamed this for Chelsea’s defeat.

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has declined to credit Leeds United for his performances in the Premier League. When his side were defeated by the UFABET club at Elland Road last night.

 Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has claimed flight cancellations contributed. To his side’s 3-0 defeat to Leeds United last night thanks to a goal from Bren. Dane Aaronson Rodrigo and Jack Harrison gave Yungthong a decisive victory over. The Blue Lions with a clearly dominant performance at Elland Road.

Tuchel declined to credit Leeds but blamed this for Chelsea's defeat.

          The pressure is now on Tuchel after his team’s poor start to the season. Sunday’s defeat came after a win over Everton and a draw with Tottenham Hotspur with a lackluster performance. The German insists his team are still the better team in the game. He also blamed Chelsea’s travel arrangements for the outcome of the game.

The first “gift” came in the form of Eduard Mendy, who took the ball back and then dodges Brenden Aaronsson before being dunked through his leg and shot in the open. The second gift came when Raheem Sterling fouled Harrison in the penalty area. and is Harrison Opened a free kick into the head Rodrigo swooped to head to the doorway. Moreover, Chelsea were in dire straits when summer signing Kalidou Koulibaly was sent off late in the game following a second yellow card. 

Despite Jesse Marsh ‘s team playing better overall, Tuchel insists his team is dominant. by adding that “We are clearly a better team. They do what they do.” “I don’t see set-pieces and own goals. (Mendy’s mistake) is due to their style of play. It’s a mistake . We can’t win a football match. We tried in the second half and I was disappointed that we lost in the second half as well. They made full use of their first half chances. But we didn’t do that.”

 Responding to Tuchel’s claim that Leeds’ style or style of play did not affect the result, home team manager Jesse Marsh said: “He can express his opinion. can But our way of playing determines most of the competition. It made them make mistakes.” “We were so delighted. Of course, we know it’s an important win. I am happy with our team. They work hard with thirst every step of the way. side as we request it’s a good development It’s not just a victory. But it’s a good performance against a good team. It shows our potential.”