How to play online slots

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Although there are many slots games, do not be alarmed. Because the basics of every slot game are all the same. will be slightly different, just a matter of the number of wheels and bonus symbols As for how to play, you don’t have to think much at all. Slots these days are designed for us to be easy to understand. There is almost no need to look at the game information at all. (But you should go and see it in order to understand the game more) Relying only on the theme, you know what the game is about. how to play So let’s look at the basic components of the slots that are what they are.

The reels or reels are absolutely indispensable. Without this thing, the slot is no longer used. By the wheel that will have from 3 wheels, 5 wheels, or if it is an online slot, there are more wheels, depending on the game developer. In which each wheel will have different symbols.

How to play online slots

The coin value is the stake that we will use in the game. The higher we set The total amount of all stakes will be high as well. In addition, the coin’s value is related to the value in the payline. for example We bet on 50 paylines with a coin value of 1 baht, meaning that each payline will be bet 1 baht as well, which means that in one spin, we have to wager 50 baht. Stake = Coin Value x Number of Paylines)

pocket money is credit or money in our system every time you press spin The system will deduct money from here based on the coin value we set.

The letter (i) , its full word Information, is used to provide the player with information about the game.

Other control buttons include sound buttons or other buttons, depending on the UFABET game’s development.

Spin button is a button that acts as a replacement for a lever. But it’s different from general slot machines in that it has 2 buttons, one spin button. with auto spin button

for a single spin button The way it works is that it spins the reels only when we press Spin. If there is a new round, you have to press spin again. But the auto spin button, we can set how many rounds to spin. Then we just press it once and sit and wait to win the prize in a chill way.