Mourinho secretly attached to the microphone to record his argument against Pao against Monza.

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Jose Mourinho, Roma’s boss, distrusts the referee’s authority and has to protect himself by recording. His arguments with referees in the event of a penalty. A game that always invades Monza, but may be banned because of reprimanding Pao after the game

Roma manager Jose Mourinho has admitted he hid a microphone to record everything and to protect himself from the referees. If there is any problem After his team invaded Monza 1-1 in the Italian Serie A battle on Wednesday the past. Which after the UFABET game came out to blame the referee’s duty hard until the risk of being punished. Forbidden to control the team on the sidelines 

Mourinho secretly attached to the microphone to record his argument against Pao against Monza.

Portuguese trainer There are often problems with the performance of directors. Up to 3 red cards this season One of them came from the black-shirt Daniele Chiffy in that game fired him in September. Until the last game has chased Mehmet Seki Selik, the defender of the yellow and red wolves. Leaving the field in the 96th minute, Mr. Foi Thong could not stand. It and had to come out and blame it. Worst referee, and told him to defend himself by sticking a microphone behind him.

Mourinho said: “I went to the pitch with a microphone. I recorded everything From the moment I left the locker room until the return I had to defend myself. He ( Chiffy ) was the worst referee of my life. He was the worst. Technically he was terrible. no sympathy no communication no recognition He gave a second yellow card to a slippery player in the 96th minute.” 

The 60-year-old head coach’s defensive measures may stem from the two-match ban he received. after being fired in a game that Roma lost 1-2 to Cremonese at the end of February He wanted an audio recording of an argument with the fourth referee that led him to a red card at the time. but got rejected As a result, the microphone must be attached to record itself.

However, despite receiving a yellow card in the last game But the person may have to be banned from acting. After the Italian Football Federation It is investigating a case of criticizing the referee after the game. may lose the right to control the team on the sidelines in the game rome wolf Which now ranks seventh in the table will open the Stadio Olimpico to visit Inter Milan, the fourth-placed team, on Saturday