9 secrets to create a flat stomach Wear a cropped shirt with confidence. Definitely without a protruding belly.

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Have you ever been afraid to wear a crop top? Just because a little belly is sticking out, ladies, today we’re inviting you to regain your confidence by sharing 9 techniques that help make your stomach flat. Wear crop-waisted shirts with confidence again. Let me tell you, if you want to have a flat stomach, you shouldn’t miss the following techniques.

9 secrets to create a flat stomach Wear a cropped shirt with confidence. Definitely without a protruding belly.

1. Eat an apple every day.
Start by making it a priority to eat an apple every day. Apple is classified as a fruit that helps make the stomach very flat. Because it contains pactin that has the ability to reduce cholesterol. Most importantly, it doesn’t make you hungry often.

2. Drink lots of water.
Of course, drinking lots of water It helps girls’ stomachs become flatter. There is a way to drink water that helps you lose weight safely, that is, drink 1 glass of water before eating. In this way, the amount of food eaten will be reduced. Also during the day it is recommended to sip water continuously. It will help reduce fussy eating very well.

3. Jump rope
Jumping rope helps girls’ stomachs. flatten quickly Because while jumping rope It is equal to 90% of intense exercise. This โปรโมชั่น ufabet means that jumping rope stimulates the metabolism a lot.

4. Cardio exercise
Cardio exercise by running for 10 minutes, sprinting for 1 minute, doing burpees 10 times, and then doing push-ups 20 times. Repeat this 5 times to help reduce the belly and make it flat and see results. quickly

5. Play weights.
Playing weights will stimulate your metabolism very well. So if girls Do cardio exercise. It is recommended to play magic as well. To prevent muscle loss Especially the muscles in the abdomen.

6. Increase protein intake
if girls want to reduce their stomach to be flat. It is very important to increase your protein intake. Because eating protein in increased amounts than before It will help stimulate the metabolism better.

7. Reduce salty foods
Reducing the intake of salty foods It helps the body reduce swelling, especially if girls are in the process of trying to reduce their belly. It is recommended to reduce salty foods first.

8. Refrain from drinking alcohol.
Of course, alcoholic beverages are considered a cause of the body storing more fat than before. Importantly, the body still needs 36% more metabolism than before.

9. Don’t eat late at night
If girls If you can do this, it will be good for your health. Because of not eating late Not only will it help reduce the stomach and make it flat. but also prevents various symptoms from occurring That’s not good either. especially acid reflux This is often a symptom caused by eating late at night. and go to bed immediately Without leaving enough space between meals and sleeping time

Let’s just say girls. Anyone who wants to reduce their stomach to be flat in a way that is safe for the body. And you can pick up and wear crop-waisted shirts again. Try using these 9 techniques. Guarantee that besides your stomach will be flat. Also have good health.